Building Linux API Headers

  1. Mount slax slax-6.1.2.iso as a virtual disk or burn it to real media (CD-RW/DVD-RW), and copy its contents to new folder C:\slax-merge.
  2. Copy slax "Compiler Pack" module (devel-2008.lzm) into the folder C:\slax-merge\slax\modules.
  3. Create "home" subfolder in C:\slax-merge\slax\rootcopy folder and copy linux kernel source tarball (linux- there.
  4. Run "make_iso.bat c:\new-slax.iso" command from C:\slax-merge\slax folder.
  5. You may delete C:\slax-merge folder now.
  6. Boot your virtual machine with Cygwin from c:\new-slax.iso.
  7. Open the terminal, and run following commands:
    $ cd /home
    $ ls -l
    $ tar zxvf linux-
    $ mkdir linux-api-headers-
    $ cd linux-
    $ make headers_check
    $ make INSTALL_HDR_PATH=/home/linux-api-headers- headers_install
    $ cd /home
    $ ls -l
    $ rm -rf linux-
    $ tar jcvf linux-api-headers- linux-api-headers-
    $ df
    $ cp linux-api-headers- /mnt/hda1
    Replace with version of your target linux kernel and maybe hda1 with sda1 if df output suggests so.

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