Preparing the Cygwin VM

  1. Install Oracle VirtualBox
  2. Create new virtual machine. Assign at least 120 Gb of virtual disk space and at least 4 Gb of virtual RAM to the newly created virtual machine.
  3. Install Windows (preferrably Windows 7 x64) into the virtual machine and enter default username without non-English characters and spaces (preferrably "User").
  4. After installation of virtual OS, install Oracle Guest Additions and enable Shared Folder with a host system.
  5. Download setup-x86_64.exe (yes, you need 64-bit version) from and install Cygwin (preferrably all packages) to the folder having name without spaces (preferrably "C:\Cygwin"). Downloading all packages from the Internet may take a long time.
  6. When done, shutdown the Cygwin VM and take snapshot "SNAP-1".

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