General Troubleshooting Strategy

GNU autoconf, configure and make scripts for GNU compiler, binutils and glibc are extremely large and complex software. Unlike normal software development, it is almost always impossible to decipher any useful information from printed error messages. Nobody in the world except elite GNU developers understands them. Nor do I.

If something does wrong, go Google for it. Probably someone already saw that particular problem. In any case, trying to handle it entirely by yourself is just waste of time.

Because the entire thing is very fragile and it's very easy to break something in the course, it's very important to perform all actions on the virtual machine(s) and take snapshots after each major success. Otherwise you'll have to restart this Rube Goldbergy each from the scratch.

Only few will go all the way to the end, and everyone of those people will have strong personal qualities of perseverance and total neglection of failures. Impatient and emotional character types should click green link below now :)

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